Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tim commissioned this Scarlett Canson Cutie. He had a specific pose in mind as my starting point and I think it worked out really well. The stars and stripes in the background were done a little different. Instead of filling in areas with color, I used lines of color giving the background a different texture than the foreground. This was done with ink, color pencil, marker, and acrylic paint on an 11" x 17" sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Thanks Tim!

Tomorrow morning I am Orlando bound. MegaCon 2010 opens it's doors at 1pm and I will be set up and ready to go. If you are attending the show, look for me in artist alley. I am sharing a table with artist Joe Pekar and we are in Section Black, Table 12. I will be posting shots of the sketches I do either from the show or later in the evening. Either way, check here for convention sketches and maybe a few stories.

G.I. Joe side note: I was too old for the smaller Joe figures when they came out. For me, G.I. Joe was just one guy, and he stood quite a bit taller than the later action figures. So my knowledge of JOE lore is pretty limited. Especially if all I have is the recent movie. So when looking up Scarlett to make sure she has two "T"s in her name, I came across her real name: Shana O'Hara. As in Scarlett O'Hara? Oy. :)

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kevinjamesbreaux said...

Good Job Gene!
You captured the 80's style Scarlett very well. She looks tough and pretty at the same time.

kevinjamesbreaux said...

The Joes all had funny or odd names. Dusty's name was Ronald W. Tadur. The Dreadnuaghts were Winken, Bliken and Nod. I am a huge Joe fan...

Craig Zablo said...

Cool one. And, I had the original Joe when I was a kid. Man, I loved my action figures... Johnny West, Custer, Chief Cherokee, Captain Action and GI Joe!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Kevin. I just wonder if any kids got the Scarlett O'Hara joke. :)

Craig - Thanks. You mention the Johnny West toys, my wife has a really nice collection of the Johnny West figures & accessories. She even has the wagon and the tepee and a couple of the other big items.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Extremely nice job Gene!

I only knew the one GI Joe figure only when I was growing up. I had the version with the beard and raft. Think Scarlett would have looked great in the raft too!

Good luck with show this weekend!


Brian Jones said...

Dont forget the Kung-Fu grip! ;)

Not as familar with the team GI Joe but Scarlett looks great as a canson cutie!

Have fun at the show and try to drag Mr. Pekar up to Pittsburgh with ya in April.


Little John said...

Very nice Gene!

Shane said...

Gene, as a Joe fan, please check out the animated GI Joe Resolute. It came out on DVD the same time as the movie. It is only an hour but much more enjoyable, as a fan. And your take on Scarlett is right on!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary! I had the G.I. Joe with the beard too. And one of the really cool vehicles that had a trailer that hooked to the back. Never had the raft. Always wanted the space capsule!

Brian - Thanks! I have tried to convince Joe to go to Pittsburgh again but I think his workload is too heavy. He will be hitting HeroesCon though. You need to come to that show sometime!

Little John - Thanks!

Shane - Thanks for the heads up on the Joe DVD. I may have to check it out.