Saturday, March 27, 2010

Digital Study

Just a little Photoshop painting from this morning as I was waiting for everyone to get ready to go to an art show in Tarpon Springs. My mom is visiting for a week and we are spending time out and about in the beautiful warm weather we are having.

For this post I thought I would show the sketch as it progress. Each image shows the progress of adding a new working layer. The progress is slow because I am experimenting with different brushes to see what they can do. Since this is a study and not something I am working towards finishing, that's not a problem. I would say I spent an hour working on this.

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Gary M. Peiffer said...

Neat stuff, does PS have a function that erases the pencil lines?

Enjoy the visit from Mom. By the way, what does she think of your art? Do you get any requests from her (and if so, do you waive the commission fee :-)?).


Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - There is an eraser tool, but pretty much I put the original pencil sketch on one layer and work on newer layers on top of it. I can delete or turn off the pencil layer when I want to. And no discounts for family members. ;)