Saturday, March 13, 2010

MegaCon 2010 - Saturday

Busy, busy, busy. But more important: Fun! Fun! Fun! I have been having a blast sitting with Joe Pekar at MegaCon 2010. He's great company and he has been turning out some incredible commissions. I keep looking over at the commissions as he works on them and I am blown away. Those of you that got them know what I am talking about!

I stayed busy through most of the day. Brothers Kevin and Wes were kind enough to commission the pieces below. The first up is Mystique for Wes.

And then for Kevin, Supergirl.

Sorry for just photos of the pieces. Since these were finished at the show I didn't have a chance to scan them. But the Bros. have said they will provide me with scans. Thanks again to the both of them for the fun commissions to do at the show!

My Homer Simpson moment: D'oH! In my tired state last night, I left Lan's Alice commission (featured here yesterday) on the scanner. Well, I have it again and I will be finishing that up tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience Lan!

Another exciting moment, other than the privilege of sitting with Joe, talking shop with Big John Beatty and chatting with Craig Zablo, was meeting Playboy cartoonist Doug Sneyd and his wife. They were both so warm and wonderful to chat with. I have been a fan of Doug's art long before I was even allowed to look at Playboy magazine. His cartooning style is beautiful. I picked up a book of his unpublished cartoons for Playboy and he was kind enough to do a little sketch in the book when he personalized it to me. We took a picture together that he said will be posted on his website, probably in April. In the meantime you can see his work on his blog and on his website.

More tomorrow.

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carlos a.s. lising said...

That Supergirl piece is AWESOME, Gene!!! Man...and to think I was considering not getting something from you in Pittsburgh! Now I KNOW what I'm asking for!!! :D

Lan Pitts said...

You're good people, Gene ;)

Craig Zablo said...

As always it was great seeing you and Joe.

Gene, your enthusiasm after talking with Doug Sneyd was so refreshing. I always get a kick out of seeing artists getting excited about meeting other artists.

Love your latest commissions.

Brian Jones said...

Great couple of canson cuties! Always blows me away at the quality you produce among the chaos of a convention. Well done sir!
Hope Sunday goes well for you and thanks for the Sneyd tip. Thats a book I think I need to pick up...I have seen and enjoyed my fair share of his work ;)

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Wow, fantastic Canson pieces and a great experience meeting Doug and his wife! Thanks for sharing that tidbit.


kevinjamesbreaux said...

Great work gene!! Your application of the pencil on the paper is art enough. The pictures themselves are amazing!

Royce Thrower said...

Two excellent pieces Gene! Two Mystique pieces at the same con...with one of them showing her disquised as Kara! Clever! :)
MegaCon-ites sure are having a field day this year getting great quality sketches! Between you and Joe, you probably have one of the longer lines at the show. I bet the rest of the con hall must look deserted in comparison! Can't wait to see what you have planned for today (Sunday.)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

By the way folks, the animation archives link on the Sneyd site is absolutely outstanding!

Gene Gonzales said...

Carlos - Thanks! :) Watch for my Advance Sketch List a few weeks before Pittsburgh if you do decide to get something from me this year.

Lan - Thanks! Thanks for bringing Chris around. It was nice to meet him!

Craig - Sorry we didn't get to chat more this weekend. There are still many artist that I will geek out about when I get to meet them. I can turn into a bumbling fan boy at the drop of a hat at those times. :) Thanks!

Brian - Thanks! This was the first time I did a Canson Cutie at a show. And a painting as well. It was fun. Well, sitting next to Joe and painting was a bit intimidating. ;)

Gary - Thank YOU!

Kevin - Thank you sir!

Royce - Yeah the dealers were giving us the evil eye because of the crowd around us. ;) Seriously though, the crowds were great and some people were very intent on keeping Joe and I busy. (You know who you are Jon! :) )

Gary - Thanks for the link! I will be checking that out!