Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Arrow - Canson Card

Just a quickie today. I did this piece early this morning before getting in a couple of hours of work. It is ink, marker and color pencils on a trading card size piece of Canson paper that I cut down. I have been revisiting the O'Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow run from the 1970s. That run impacted me as an 10 year old. I discovered them late when a friend of mine had the two issues that showed Green Arrow's ward, Speedy as a heroin junkie. I don't think I had much of a social conscious at that point in my life. Who does at 10? But after discovering and reading the run back then, I developed one. My early drawings from back then were bad imitations of Neal Adams versions of Green Lantern and Green Arrow fighting drug dealers. Now looking at those issues, I think they are just as strong. Sure it's dated by some of the references and slang, but there is still something there. And the art is still incredible.

Spent most of the day at Brighthouse field watching the Tampa Bay Ray beat the Phillies, 5 to 3 in 10 innings in the Phillies home field, so it was a good day! Hamburgers, hot dogs, beer, peanuts, CrackerJacks and baseball on a Sunday afternoon. Hard to beat that. Now it's time for some dinner and then a few more hours of work. I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Royce Thrower said...

"Hamburgers, hot dogs, beer, peanuts, CrackerJacks and baseball on a Sunday afternoon. Hard to beat that. Now it's time for some dinner..."

Time for DINNER??? Gene, you are a "bigger" man than I am apprently! And that takes some doing!! :) jk

I loved the Deeny O'Neil and Neal Adams run as well. Always "liked" Oliver Queen before that reboot of his character, but "loved" him afterwards. I was about 10-11 at the time, so similar age as you and it also affected my socaial concious as well. I remember we were learning about drug abuse in health class about the time young Roy got hooked. Ah the innocence of youth! lol

Gene Gonzales said...

Royce - Well, we were there from 11am to 4:30. I had a hamburger, split a bag of peanuts and a bag of crackerjacks and one beer. And dinner was light. :)

Regarding Ollie, I felt like after Denny O'Neil's characterization of Ollie, everyone else did a caricature. Some better than others but still not with the same depth. This is all pre-reboot of course.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Nice rendition of the green one. You really were impacted by DC comics at an early age!

Sounds like you had a great day at the ballpark...and the home team won to boot! Glad you had a good time!


Brian Jones said...

Great job on Ollie! You cant go wrong with O'Neil and Adams...a dynamic duo in their own right.

Craig Zablo said...


Excellent source material of Ollie. It doesn't get better than O'Neil and Adams...

You should consider doing some of those fancy headsketches at cons!

Chris said...

I should comment about the Green Arrow but I'm more jealous that you're in Florida enjoying Spring Season baseball... GRRRR!!!!


(Okay, okay... the Green Arrow is nice too)

-Chris Flick