Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Wonder Twin

My day has been filled with work that I cannot show but what I can share is a commission I finished up a couple of days ago. This is Jayna, of Wonder Twins fame. Now I do not know the reason she is wearing a Star Man shirt or why she is soaked, but I do know it was fun to draw her. :)

Jayna was done in mixed media on a 11" x 17" sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Thanks again to Alex for the commission!

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Gary M. Peiffer said...

Absoulutely great piece of art.

Makes we wonder why she is soaking and in the Star tee shirt, but why ask why when the piece looks this great!

Thanks for sharing!


Lan Pitts said...

well she does take the form of water ;)

still very cute

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary!

Thanks Lan! Actually, her brother Zan can transform into water... ;)

Craig Zablo said...

Ours is not to question why...

She is wet and wearing a Starman shirt because that's a cool look.

Of course I don't think it would work for either of us, Gene.

Royce Thrower said...

Cute one Gene! Always liked the Wonder Twins a bit better than Marvin and Wendy.

Gene Gonzales said...

Craig, have you ever seen me in a Star Man shirt? I didn't think so. :) Thanks!

Thanks Royce!