Monday, January 11, 2010

Dagger - Sketch Card

Another busy day and only enough time to do this card. But I am having fun with these. The subjects are random and I have no direction. Nice change from the rest of the day. Though I might start working on a theme with these. Maybe do all the JSA, or JLA, or maybe some "teen team action in the far-flung future". Hmmmmmm. Anyway, this was done with Copic Multi Liners and Markers on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

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Gary M. Peiffer said...

Hi Gene!

Hope you are staying warm in cold Florida! Good day to stay in side and draw!

Love the Dagger, and would be all for a Just for fun Sketch Card series. Maybe even slip in a Island Girl, Tiki guy, and Royce the crab subset to the series you suggest!


John said...

I think this is my favorite one so far, Gene!

I like the layout and color very much!

Craig Zablo said...

I've been dazzled! Well done, sir!

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - Trying to stay warm. Naturally anyone in the north can ignore my whining. :) Thanks!

John - Thanks. It was fun to add Cloak for a background pattern without having to draw Cloak.

Craig - Dazzled? This is Dagger. ;) Thanks!

Craig Zablo said...

Oh, oh... my bad. My eyes must have been cloaked! ; )