Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jennifer Mays - Canson Cutie

Today I finished up this Canson Cutie for Matt, Jennifer Mays of the Maze Agency. I was a fan of the original run of Maze Agency and jumped at the chance to work on the short lived Caliber Press run of the title. It's work I still look back on and like. That and my Mister X work. It was a fun time and I always like revisiting the characters. Thanks again Matt!

Just for fun I went through my flat files looking for the promotion poster that Caliber put out to announce the release of the new The Maze Agency series. I'm pretty sure we had these at the San Diego Comic Con that year and Mike Barr and I were signing them. This is a reuse of the cover for the first issue. The original was done in gouache and color pencil on illustration board. Hard to believe this was almost 13 years ago.

And while I am on Memory Lane, I found this with the Maze Agency poster. I completely forgot about it. I did one of the two covers for the first issue of The Red Diaries. I did the image in the top left. It was done in gouache and color pencil on illustration board. I don't remember who did the other image. It looks like some early Photoshop work had been done on it.

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Anonymous said...

Maze Agency is such a fun concept. I just wish some publisher would give Barr a good long run with it, so it could build an audience. Fair-play mysteries rock.

Gene Gonzales said...

Me too, Michael. I have never understood why this series never made it to TV. It would have been a perfect fit of episodic TV.

Little John said...

Very nice Gene. I really enjoyed the Maze Agency. The way companies are picking up comic properties these days, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about this becoming a TV show in the near future.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

That is a fantastic renditon of Jennifer Mays, and the perfect color Canson paper! I really live the Maze Agency cover/poster too.

Thanks for sharing!


Craig Zablo said...

Love this cutie. Perfect composition and color choices! Great drawing to boot!