Friday, January 15, 2010

Kid Flash - Sketch Card

I had said yesterday that I got the inspiration for today's post yesterday but held off for today. :) Once I knew what I would do for today, it helped me to decide what to do for yesterday. The connection is the TEEN TITANS and the reason for Kid Flash is because it is his birthday according to the official SUPER DC CALENDAR 1976 hanging on my wall. I just might start following that calendar from time to time for ideas. Anyone that has the calendar will be able to guess what is coming up on certain days. There are plenty of days that don't have any special meaning so there will be room to do other things here. But for now this could be fun!

In work news, I managed to get some of my commercial work done today and I finished two inked commissions. I had only planned to finish one I had started last weekend, but I got in a groove and started and finished the second one for the same person. This just means I will be working late into the night on my commercial work, but at least that pair is done. Next up on my commission list are two inked pieces for Alex and I need to do some roughs for a Canson Cutie Jennifer Mays for Matt. Hang in there guys, I'm getting there! :)

Have a good weekend folks. You will find me here when I am not working. :)

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Gary M. Peiffer said...


I like how you differed the "speed lines' from the front and back of the head. Were you a big Titans reader back in the day? I remember buying the first issue with the George Perez art which, of course, was a reboot of sorts.

I hope you can share the Jennifer Mays piece.


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary. I am a big fan of the Teen Titans first run. I used to have all the comics. The first one I picked up at a newsstand was Teen Titans #34 "The Demon of Dog Island" A great cover of Wonder Girl looking like a witch attacking the Titans. I only knew Robin and Kid Flash at that point, I think. I did pickup the Wolfman/Perez issues as well and thought they were outstanding. I stayed with that one for a long time. :)

Little John said...

I love the Teen Titans! Nice theme you have going here Gene. I have a Kid Flash pencil sketch from Nick Cardy. Maybe it's time I find an inker for it...