Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wonder Girl - Sketch Card

Another long day that isn't over yet. I sat down at my computer at 6:15am this morning and with the exception of 45 minutes on the treadmill and dinner, I haven't gotten away from it. I did managed to whip out this sketch card while I ate lunch. I was looking for some kind of inspiration and an idea of tomorrows sketch came to me. So today's card is linked with what I hope to do tomorrow.

I'm about half way though the 35 double page illustrations I am working on that are due next week. I have been buried in those and a couple of other immediate projects. I have commissions to do as well, but luckily everyone is extremely patient and they were all commissioned in December, so they are not too late. I haven't gotten to the point where anyone has been waiting months and months and I don't ever plan to do that. Commissions are typically something I work on in the evenings, after the work day is over. Unfortunately, my work days have become work nights as well. And work weekends. But that won't last much longer and all will be calm and nice. And warm! Today we got over 70°! I had the windows open and was really enjoying the breeze that came through the house. See, things are getting better. :)

Back to work. I've still got a 3-4 more hours to go.

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Gary M. Peiffer said...


Glad it has warmed up in your part of the world! Unfortunately, sounds like you are working a lot of hours and can't escape to enjoy the weather :-(.

Enjoyed the Wonder Girl sketch card and can't wait to see what is next!


Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - I can't get out and enjoy the weather but it was just nice to open the windows. :) Our lush backyard sure took a big hit. The banana trees don't hold up well in the cold. And as you might tell, I am still working right now. Whew! Good thing I love what I do. Thanks!