Monday, January 4, 2010

Black Canary - Sketch Card

I thought I would do an early sketch today to warm up. This is Black Canary done in Copic Markers, Multi Liners and some Primacolor pencils on a 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch Strathmore Bristol Board Sketch Card. As you can probably tell I took a different approach to the line art. It's sketchy and looser than I normal draw but it still looks like my style.

I have some cards that are made of watercolor paper instead of Bristol Board. Maybe I will give those a try next.

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Little John said...

I like this one a lot Gene. I think you nailed it.

carlos a.s. lising said...

Looks like you channeled your inner Neal Adams for this piece! Nice!!! :D

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Looks like you are on a roll for a DC sketch card series. Wonder how much time will go by before we see a Legion character.

BC looks great! What ever happened to the rough poses of BC you did a few weeks back? Any finished pieces from that?


Brian Jones said...

What Carlos said :)

LUD! said...

Not really Neal Adams... but more Nick Cardy! Yeahhh... ;-)

John said...

Gene,I like the loose fell to this and the color ties it up all nice!

Feeling free to do your own thing sure is fun, isn't it? :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Little John - Thanks, I always like drawing Dinah.

Carlos - High praise indeed, thanks! :)

Gary - We never go too long without the Legion showing up here. The rough sketches you mention are still just that, rough. I have been too busy to do anything but work and squeeze in the commissions on my list. I may come back to them though. Thanks!

Brian: What I said to Carlos. :)

LUD!: Nick Cardy, Neal Adams, either is much higher praise than deserved, thanks!

John: Always fun to do your own thing. And always nice to mix it up. Tough part is sometimes the expectations are of a certain style and to be commercially viable you have to stay in that style. Thankfully, you and I have a venues to stretch our artistic muscles. :)