Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards 33-53

Here is the third batch of sketch cards I did for the Iron Man 2 Card set coming from Upperdeck.

As artists, we had to stay away from the movie versions of the characters, (legal stuff, I really don't know) but we were allowed to draw any character from the Iron Man comics or that had any interaction with Iron Man. That pretty opened up the entire Marvel Universe. Which was much better.

I have one more batch to show you tomorrow. By then you will be sick of these. :)

All these are done in Copic Markers, Multi Liners and white paint.

This is Post #809


John said...

Looking good, Gene!

Don't you love doing the puzzle cards? I'm doing some of those on the Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards I'm working on now!

I've just send some in for approval...maybe I can post some later today...I hope! :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks John. The puzzle cards are fun. It allowed a different form of creativity. Tweet when you post your Star Wars cards, I'm looking forward to seeing them!!!

Lan Pitts said...

So basically anybody who has ever interacted with Stark? Yeah, that's a slew of characters. Love the Black Widow hip shot.

Gene Gonzales said...

Yeah Lan, much more to work with than the movies. Thanks!

Little John said...

These are great Gene! I'm digging the puzzle cards too. I can't wait to hear the grumblings at my local shop.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Agree with Lan, love the Black Widow hip shot and the other BW shot.

This card set rocks! Keep them coming!


Gene Gonzales said...

Little John - Wait, grumbling at a comic book store??? That would never happen. ;) Thanks!

Thanks Gary! One more post of 20 cards tomorrow and we are done. I could have made this stretch over 73 days. Maybe I missed an opportunity. :)

Brian Jones said...

Great batch and Lan beat me to it that Widow hip shot put a smile on my face :)