Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flash Gordon & Dale Arden

I wanted to take another shot at Flash Gordon. Yesterdays post was a bit dark. I still like it but I think it's the grim and gritty Flash for the 90s. :) So in revisiting Flash today, I added Dale Arden to the composition. This is closer to what I had in mind originally.

I am still working through the original batch of suggestions, but would be interested in hearing some more. This has been a fun way to draw characters I haven't done before or haven't done in a long time.

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erica said...

Where do you make suggestions, Gene?

doughnut42 said...

I can't remember all of the characters who've been suggested so far but I'll say: OMAC (Kirby one), Phoney Bone, Swamp Thing, the Question, and Moon Knight.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

The Dale Arden profile is cool.

Up for a TV character? How about one of the Lost cast members in honor of the series finale. Hurley? Jack? Maybe a little of the Smoke Monster?


erica said...

I guess you make them here. I wouldn't mind seeing: Wolfsbane (X-Force), Lady Blackhawk, Artemis (from Wonder Woman), Hippolyta (from Wonder Woman), Valkyrie, Luke Cage, Patriot (Young Avengers), Hawkeye - Kate Bishop (Young Avengers), Black Lightning, Lana Lang. The list really could go on and on!

Charlie Ramirez said...

hi gene,
i would love to see dr. light (Kimiyo Hoshi) ffrom crisis and justice league international (which I revisited recently...great stuff!)

Gene Gonzales said...

Erica: As you noticed, here is fine for the suggestions. And some good ones at that!

Travis: I keep going back to the post with Shazam for past suggestions. These are cool. Especially Swamp Thing. Loved the original run! Thanks!

Gary: I have never watched an episode of Lost. I don't know who any of the characters are, sorry. :(

Charlie: Cool ideas, JLI was some fun stuff. Thanks!

Wrothy said...

How about Hawkman?

Little John said...

Now we definitely need a Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering.