Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comic art commission - Karate Kid & Timber Wolf Pt 1

This is the first of what I think will be 4 or 5 part series of me starting and completing an inked commission in my studio.

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Royce Thrower said...

Wooohoo!! Another video! Did a quick preview, but can't wait to watch it all the way through! And the fact that it is a Legionnaire makes it twice as good!!

doughnut42 said...

Looks great, Gene!

I really appreciate you posting this video as I rarely get to see artists working on my commissions. It's a real treat for me.

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce, I hope everyone finds it interesting, if not entertaining. :)

Thanks Travis. I was hoping you wouldn't mind. As I said I have been battling this image. Twice I have had the pencils done to the point I could ink and then, didn't like it. These things happen. When I finally felt I had something, I thought recording it would be fun. I hope you enjoy the process.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Think the image quality from the camera is great. Look forward to learning your technique during this series!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary. I am shooting this with a Canon G9 camera. The footage should go all the way up to 720p. At least that's how I set it up. :)