Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Avenger

Another pulp character suggestion today, The Avenger. I never read the original stories, I found out about the character from the DC Comic Justice Inc., with art by Jack Kirby on the second and third issue. I don't recall who did the first issue art. I must have liked it enough to buy it off the newsstand in 1975. A lot of people think that he was created by Kenneth Robeson, "creator" of Doc Savage, but I read recently that Robeson was a "house name" at Street & Smith Publishing, with many writers using that name including Lester Dent, the actual creator of Doc Savage. Also using that house name was writer Paul Ernst, who is credited as the creator of Richard Benson, aka The Avenger.

If I remember right, the origin story for this character is pretty tragic, as most are. But the interesting thing I remember is his face is pale white and paralyzed. No expressions. And his flesh could be molded like clay. Pretty odd stuff but also really cool.

Most people will draw The Avenger with his trusty .22 revolver nicknamed "Mike", but I opted to show "Ike", his throwing knife.

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carlos a.s. lising said...


Justice Inc. #1's cover art was done by Joe Kubert! Seeing him parachuting down the cover of the book--I loved it enough to buy it, too!

Gene Gonzales said...

Yeah, it's a great cover. Kubert didn't do the interiors though. Still wondering about that.

Craig Zablo said...

It doesn't matter whether Mike or Ike... a drawing that good, I like.

Royce Thrower said...

I also bought these off the stand. I read many of these pulps during the early 70's when I first "discovered" them. Really fell in love with them all. Oh, and the Grand Comics Database credits include...

Justice, Inc. / story / 18 pages Credits
Script:Dennis O'Neil
Pencils:Al McWilliams
Inks:Al McWilliams

No longer have my copies so I can't verify his info.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Thanks for the history lesson. I like Ike! :-)


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Craig!

Royce - Now that you said McWilliams, I remember that. The pulp I liked was the Shadow. I read those paperbacks in the early 70s.

Thanks Gary!

Duedsml said...

Gene, yep I was right, The Avenger looks great! Steve Persitza and I spent many a day tracking down and buying the PB books when they were reissued back in the day. You are right about the tragic elements of his origin. Mike and Ike were deadly for the bad guys to meet!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks David. I forgot, you and Steve were reading the Avenger paperbacks and I was reading the Shadow. All three of us had our own favorite comic titles though. Steve with JLA, Me with Superboy and the Legion, and I believe you were the Brave and the Bold fan. :)