Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heeeere kitty, kitty, kitty!

Another image for the CILM Halloween Package. I thought I would show the original sketch from my sketchbook. I scanned it, enlarged it, and transfered the drawing to the final board. A few tweeks, some black cats and black kitten, some ink and ta-da! Still need to color her though.

The sketch list just sold out. Thanks to everyone who purchased one (or two or three). I thought I would share my list of characters to draw as it is right now.

Scarecrow (done)
Poison Ivy (done)
Supergirl (70s version) with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
Melody (Josie & The Pussycats)
Kitty Pryde with Phantom Girl (Legion of Super-Heroes - 70s bell bottom costume)
The Dirty Pair (might be together)
Wonder Twins (might be together)
White Queen
Supergirl (current version)
Pin-up girl with cherry blossoms

Still waiting to hear what the remaining six requests will be but this is a pretty nice mix. Several characters I have never drawn before. Thanks again everyone!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


You are a workaholic! Halloween package and commissions! This will be real fun as you post these. Also, congratualtions on selling out on the commission list!

Love the Black cat Halloween theme for CILM. Now that you are warmed up on pussycats......


Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Gary, Workaholic? Nawwww. I'll make a list of what I am working on for a future post. It shouldn't take more than a week or so to write it. ;) And I am warmed up for pussycats. : ) Thanks!!!

Royce Thrower said...

Congrats on another quick sell out!

Still assessing my desires for my two. Stay tuned. Man it has been a busy two weeks!!

Brandon said...

Gene -

Congrats on selling them all so quickly! I'm glad I was able to get in on it. I sent payment on Tuesday via Priority Mail, so you should receive it shortly. Can't wait to see all of these great selections in your style!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce. Got your requests this morning. Great stuff!!!

Brandon - Thanks! And welcome to the blog. If you haven't visited before, there are over 250 past posts to check out. :)