Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Her Satin Tights, Fighting For Our Rights...

And the old red, white, and blue! The inked Wonder Woman I have posted is going to be painted and donated for Wonder Woman Day III, October 26, 2008. The money raised from all the auctioned items support domestic violence shelters. Here is the link for more information. I will post the finished piece tomorrow. I was shooting for the 1970s Wonder Woman here. The one who put herself through twelve trials to prove to herself, and others that she was worthy of rejoining the Justice League of America. A happier Wonder Woman, if you will. Of course, I haven't read a Wonder Woman comic in years so she might be a happy go-lucky Amazon, for all I know. :) Everyone should check out the items up for auction. A good cause and some great stuff to bid on.

Below is our next installment of the commissioned Legion Couples I did some years back. This one features Mon-El and Shadow Lass. When Shady joined the Legion she was interested in Brainiac 5. Then moved on to be interested in Superboy, or so Duo Damsel thought. Then on to Mon-El. The girl likes powerful guys. The background is the main building at Legion Headquarters.


Brian Jones said...

Very nice and for a GREAT cause! I like the star panel behind her it kinda reminds me of the TV show opening and hey anything that makes you think of Linda Carter cant be bad! :) Hats of to you Gene for donating her!
See ya next week I got a long drive but a fun weekend planned! :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Brian! Have a good weekend! Enjoy the con and get some good loot.

Royce Thrower said...

Love the painted piece. Shadow Lass was quite the fickle girl(or was she desperate?) in her pursuit of a boyfriend. Personally, I think Bouncing Boy got the best end of the dating that went on between Legionaires. :)
Braniac 5 did alright for himself as well. Landing Supergirl is nothing to sneeze at!

The WW Day cause is a terrific one. Many blessings to all who contribute and also to those who bid to support the shelters. Good luck to all in finding a ppiece they like and on winning it.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

The painted piece is fantastic, I presume this was done by hand and not computer? Looking at this piece, I really miss the "painted" look used in days of old:-)

Compliments for supporting a great cause!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce - I don't know if Shady was fickle so much as making sure she was with the right one. Brainy was pretty cold back then. She knew Superboy's destiny so no point in going there. Bringing up Bouncing Boy reminded me of the question/joke I would ask other Legion fans at conventions: Who is the smartest Legionnaire? Brainiac 5 was the answer everyone would give, but I corrected them: Bouncing Boy! For two obvious reasons. : ) Brainy did do okay as well. (Wow, did I just geek out or what?) BTW, did your artwork make it there yet?

Thanks Gary, glad you like the Legion piece. All of the Legion pieces were done in ink, watercolor and gouache. No computer. :)