Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It had been too long since I have painted the Maid of Might, so this is what we have today. I took pictures along the way to show the process again. Nothing earth-shattering but it still might be interesting to some. The final image is acrylic on 11" x 17" Strathmore Cold Press Watercolor Paper. I will be putting her up on eBay tonight for those that might be interested. My seller name is Gene_Gonzales. I'll put a link to her tomorrow.

In other news, I am starting to put together my newest sketchbook for conventions. I am hoping to have it ready for the FX International Show in April. Which means I have to put this together quick. This time it will not be perfect bound like the first two, BUT it will be in full color! Full color cover and interiors! I am planning on it being 48 pages, but that may increase. More on this later.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Thanks for sharing the process for the latest Super Girl painting. I imagine that Mr. Thrower may be interested in the ebay auction.

I can't think of any better news than to hear that you are working on the third installment of your sketchbook series! Put me down for an autographed copy! Maybe I can pick one up in person if you go to Pittsburgh! I enjoy the first two sketchbooks immensely!


Royce Thrower said...

I have the first two sketchbooks also Gary and will definitly add to that collection with the third installment in the series. And who knows...maybe there is room for another Kara, but this oneis so pretty, it likely will zoom out of my price range and reside with someone else. I am happy enough to have seen the process though and many thanks as usual to Gene for sharing with us! I never tire of Kara nor of seeing Gene's versions of her!! Looking forward to seeing which masterpieces make the cut!! Perfect bound or not, it will be perfect nonetheless!

LUD! said...

I've got a feeling Royce will be counting down the seconds until the auction's complete! ;-)

Great work as always, Gene. And thanks for the watercolor lesson!