Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phantom Lady & Commissions

Today we have the finished Phantom Lady. She was going to be up on eBay tonight but I got an offer based on the preview yesterday. I got a few commission requests that I will be working on and spending more time on the Herculoids painting I am working on.

I am working on some jobs but with the waiting period still in effect for some bigger (time consuming) contract jobs, I will still be accepting a few commissions. I won't put up another sketch auction but I will price them the same.

Prices are:
60.00 (shipping included) for single character inks on 11"x17" Bristol Board.

85.00 (shipping included) for a single character mixed media on 11"x 17" Canson Color Paper.

Painted commissions are priced individually.

International shipping will be more. Just check with me.

Enough of that stuff. Anyone else enjoying the longer daylight in the evenings? I sure am. I think tonight might be time for a trip to the beach when Deena gets home from work. :)


Craig Zablo said...

She's quite perky. I likes her.

John Beatty said...

"Perky" indeed, Mr. Zablo! ;)

I too am enjoying the extra day light, Gene. I get very tired when the day is dark at 6pm!!! Makes me tired...so the time change is very welcome!

Royce Thrower said...

The only problem with the new time is that when I get up at 5:15 and leave the house at 6 for the 25 minute commute to work, it is in the dark again!! It had begun to be a nice ride to work with the sun peeking up a bit, now my morning is plunged back into darkness! But the evenings are MUCH better!! Nice trade-off come to think of it!! Excellent Phantom Lady Gene. These colored pieces have been FUN!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

I am in the same situation as Royce, getting up earlier, dark drive in, but a "light" drive home.

Gene, what other colors does the Canson board come in? So far have seen you post yellow (Phantom Lady and Crystal).



AnthonyF said...

Royce nailed it, getting up in the dark is a downer - wamp-wa! Seriously, public transportation's gotten later and later each morning this week. But - I am awake later each evening - so it even's out - Lets hear it for summer! And these Color Canson sketches sure brighten my day, great job!

Brian Jones said...

Loving the Canson Color Paper posts!
Going to work in the dark sucks, but nice change of pace that it is still daylight when I get out.

Patman said...

If I could "fave" this, I would.

Gene Gonzales said...

Perky she is. Thanks Craig!

Hey John, we like the time change as it give us time to have dinner then hit the beach for some r&r and a nice sunset. :) Getting up in the dark is a drag though.

Hey Royce, Same with us. Deena gets up at 6 and I am up at 6:30. Thanks, glad you have enjoyed the color pieces.

Gary, they come in a wide range of colors. Check it out: http://www.dickblick.com/products/canson-mi-teintes-drawing-papers/

Thanks Anthony! Glad the art helps. :)

Thanks Brian!

Thanks Pat!

John Beatty said...

I get up at 5am...the darkness at that time doesn't effect me! I love having the extra daylight in the evening when I need it most so my body doesn't follow the natural tendency to sleep when it's dark out!

...course I do go to sleep by 10pm or before! :(

Gene Gonzales said...

John, I try to go to bed by 11. Though, like last night, 3:30am was bedtime. Oy.