Monday, March 9, 2009

Mixed bag day

Busy day working on a variety of projects. I worked on some logo designs for a client, and started inking the artwork below. This is just a small area of the final art. More about it when I finish it. But here is a size to think about: The final art will be 5' wide x 2' tall. Big art. 
Also started another Canson Cutie. Any guesses as to who she is? She will be done tomorrow. I've had a few people ask about commissioning one of these pieces on color paper with ink and color pencil. And I have taken a couple already. If anyone is interested in getting one done, just shoot me an email for the pricing details.


Gary M. Peiffer said...

It''s....Phantom Lady! I only know that because I can read the file name!

Gene, maybe you should make the Phantom Lady art as big as your other "big art" project. How does something that size fit on your drawing board????


Royce Thrower said...

Actually Gene is like Dr. Manhatten or Collosal boy! He changes his size so that ALL of his art is relatively speaking....11x17! It must be tough finding an inkwell and brush that big though. What do you use? A bucket and a mop??

Nice beginnings of Phantom Lady and i can't wait to see the finished 10 sq. feet of art!!

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Gary, the physical art is in two sections of 22 x 17 like two comic pages taped together. They represent the left and right side of the sign. Both sides will be scanned at a high resolution and will be enlarged a bit to make the final height. I will be adding text in the middle. So the final art will be 5' wide and 2' tall on my computer in full color.

Now Royce, did you really want to imagine me as a gigantic blue naked artist? That's gonna stick right to the roof of your brain now, buddy! :)