Saturday, April 27, 2013


Batgirl © DC Comics

I did this as an inked head sketch in advance of FCBD and thought I would add some color to it. This should have been up on Thursday but sometimes things get in the way. 

Also, my HeroesCon sketch list is still open for those attending the show. Details here.

Ink on 9" x 12" Strathmore Bristol Board. Colors in Photoshop.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Superman & Lois Lane!

You have your Batman camps, and your Superman camps. I stand tall in the Superman side. Always my favorite character and favorite supporting cast. 

This is the closest I have ever come to drawing Superman. A few years back I was one of several artists that worked on a cover project for DC Comics. The process was to recreate a series of covers in Adobe Illustrator. These vector files could be used for merchandising, marketing, etc. As the list of covers grew, I was always on the look out for some really classic ones, and I think Action Comics #1 is about a classic as you can get. The start of it all.

© DC Comics

And just for fun I am posting another one I recreated from the Silver Age. And yes, all that copy had to be recreated as well. I really miss doing this work. By studying and recreating their work, I gained a brand new appreciation for so many of the golden age and silver age artist.

© DC Comics

Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

HeroesCon 2013 Advance Sketch List

It's almost time for HEROESCON 2013!

My advance sketch list is officially open. I will work on this list leading up to the convention. Especially the more complicated pieces. There might be a few changes to the process this year so please look over the details provided below :)


Inked sketches: single figure, on 11" x 17" Bristol Board: $50.00

Acrylic painted: single figure on 12" x 16" (approximate size): 150.00

Canson pieces: single figure on 11" x 17": 150.00.

Payment: There will be three options for payment:

PayPal: You may pay in advance for your request using PayPal. Please contact me first with your request before you send money. Paying fees for PayPal is not a bother, so if this is a convenient option for you, please use it.

Credit Card at the Con: I will be accepting major credit cards at a convention. I use both Square ( and PayPal in order to do so. Fast and secure. I can take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Cash: You can pay for the art when you arrive. Please come pick up your commission as soon as possible so I don't have to worry about keeping it safe and sound in the madness that is artist alley. :)

Special Notes: I will be doing inked sketches at the show and will bring materials to do color work. But if you really want a color piece, I would suggest getting on the list and allowing me to do it in the studio. I am terribly slow doing color work at a show.

When Contacting Me: Please send your questions and requests to gene_gonzales(at)mac(dot)com with "HeroesCon Sketch List" in the subject line of your email. This will really help me keep track of everything.

This advance list is only for those attending HeroesCon 2013 in person. I do request that if you are on my list and are not going to make it, please let me know. And if possible, please pick up your artwork as soon as you can when you arrive at the convention. Or pay for your spot on the list, whichever applies.

I may ask for reference if I don't know the character or if I can't find it on the web at the show.
You can email me links to references before the show. I can alway print them out and take them with me.

An advantage to getting on the list early gives me some time to think about your request(s), bounce ideas around in my head, maybe doodle ideas in my sketchbook, and most likey show up at the con with your finished piece. There is a finite amount of requests I can take. I do not know what that number is because I don't know the requests. So sign up early and often. And there is no limit to any individual. 1 or 100, that's fine. Well, 100 will require more time, but I'm up to the challenge. :)

I will post all the pieces on this blog after the show. Only those that pay in advance will have the option to see the art if it is done before the show. Or be surprised at the show.

If you have any questions about the sketch list, please ask. And even if you are not getting something but will be at the show, please drop by and say "hi".

Other Convention Stuff

I will have other original art at the show, some you have seen here on this blog.

This was a lot of information to cover. If anything is confusing to you, let me know and I will do my best to clarify. And please excuse any typos. :)

Here we go!

And Thanks!

Samples from HeroeCon 2012

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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Elektra © Marvel Entertainment

It's been a busy week. I have finished up (I think) a project that I have been working on since October, 2012. And several other smaller projects are finishing up this week. You would think the idea of all this work finishing up would make me happy and it does. But at the same time it makes me start looking for more work. I will probably be devoting more time to chapter 3 of Perils on Planet X over the next week or so. 

Convention season has already started for most, but it doesn't start for me until HeroesCon. Things are starting to come together for the show. My banner will be here on Saturday. And I am gearing up to offer spots on the advance sketch list in the next week or so. I would have liked to put together a new sketchbook but I don't think I will have the time. The deadline for getting it printed in time for HeroesCon has probably passed.

Back to work.

This piece was done in ink and color pencil on 8.5 x 11 brown card stock. It is available for sale. Click the "Art for Sale" tab at the top.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Convention Banner - Perils On Planet X

Perils on Planet X © Mills & Gonzales
Artwork © Gene Gonzales
(Original colors by Ian Sokoliwski)

I thought I would unveil the banner I am ordering for the 2013 convention season. As you can see it is a big promo for PERILS ON PLANET X. This banner will see it's first use on Free Comic Book Day. I will be Fanfare Sports & Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan for FCBD and I am really looking forward to it. More details as we get closer.

HeroesCon is coming up fast. A show I always enjoy attending. Once again I will be putting together an advance sketch list for the show. That will probably be announced here with details near the end of April. I like to have a few weeks to get rolling on them. So stay tuned.

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