Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday morning with Gwen Stacy

Today I present another in the series of color paper pin-ups I have been doing lately. This one is Gwen Stacy. She was the first love of Peter Parker and she met a tragic end. Gwen is still a fan favorite to this day probably because of it. This piece is ink and color pencil on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

I will be posting her on eBay tonight. I do have four other auctions for those that might be interested. You can find them all here: Gene's auctions 

Have a good weekend everyone!


LUD! said...

Gene, is this the first time you've done Gwen? I know you've done MJ, but I think this is the first I seen you do Gwen...

BTW, have a terrific weekend!

Gene Gonzales said...

Hi LUD! I have done sketches of Gwen at conventions. I think there is one on CAF that I did at HeroesCon a couple of years ago that features Gwen, MJ and Spidey. Thanks!

Brian Jones said...

Great job Gene! She's a beauty and for me the first comic that I read where I was shocked,saddend and wanted Spidey to rip the Goblin in two. I think thats why people still to this day love this character because it showed how powerful these "funny" books could be.

Off to see Watchmen have a good weekend everyone!

Craig Zablo said...

Looks like we just hit the jackpot!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Brian, enjoy the show!

Thanks Craig! Ka-ching!

John Beatty said...

Nice work, Gene! I like working on the canson paper myself and used it at MegaCon! That's all people seemed to want...needless to say...I'll be doing more of them too!

You're rolling on them...nice to see the new post each day. I really wish I could get to that point, but almost all my work is stuff that I can't post. :-\

Unknown said...

This is an amazing piece, Gene -- I think it's my favorite of all the Canson paper pieces you've posted so far!

Royce Thrower said...

Gene, I like the inclusion of the dangling spider for those that might not realize who this is!! (Say it ain't so!)
Just got back from the Watchmen.
Advice? Men....WATCH!! 'nuff said.

Gary M. Peiffer said...


I think the minimal additon of colors (like the blue eyes and the reddish like color around the figure) really works! The next time Conventionless commissions come around, would you be willing to do them using the charcoal paper?

Hope to see a few more of these!


Brian Jones said...

I'll echo Royce about the Watchmen movie go see it!...I'm a fan of the Maxi-series (now called a graphic novel) and really enjoyed the movie...a couple changes but very faithful.

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey John, I know how that is when you can show what you're working on. Too many NDAs. Thanks!

Thanks Jonathan!

Thanks Royce! I thought the spider might be needed. :)

Gary, If I do another round of CCS on charcoal paper with color, I will be charging more for them. I'm not sure if there will be support for that. I might do some at conventions too if the demand is there.

Brian, I will probably catch Watchmen in about 6 months, when it comes to DVD. :) I actually waited for Dark Knight too.