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Thorn © DC Comics

Ink on 11" x 17" bristol board

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Open for Commissions

Example of a 11" x 17" inked on bristol board commission

I had so much fun at the Tampa Bay Comic Con last week I thought I would open up my commission list. This is not a Conventionless Convention Sketch list, this is open for anything in black and white or in color. Here are the prices:

11" x 17" inked on bristol board: $50.00 (plus $12.00 shipping)

11" x 17" inked on bristol board with a 8.5" x 11" digital color print: $100.00  (plus $12.00 shipping)

11" x 17" (approximate) mixed media painted: 150.00  (plus $12.00 shipping)

Sketch cover one character: Inked: $75 Color: $100.00  (plus $8.00 shipping)

If you order more than one we can combine them to save on shipping.

If you have something in mind that doesn't fit this list just email me and I can give you a quote.

UPDATE: email me at

Example of color one character sketch cover


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