Thursday, March 5, 2009

Charcoal Paper Beauties

Things are a bit slower than I would like around here. If anyone has followed my Tweets on Twitter, they will see I have been dealing with my usual bouts of insomnia again. My problem is I can't shut my brain down to get some sleep. Add a little bit of worrying and that makes the sandman stay far away.

With so little work and so many hours in the night, I bounced around from art board to art board while listening to the various podcasts I subscribe to. First there was MacBreak Weekly. More tech with Tekzilla. An episode of Diggnation. The Battlestar Galactica Podcast (featuring series creator Ron Moore providing commentary on the previous aired episode), and lastly, two episodes of No Agenda with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. All keeping me company until 5am.

I finally played with a PITT Artist Pen BIG Brush I bought about a month ago. This is an oversized version of the brush pens you have probably seen artists use for convention sketches. I photographed it on a piece of art to give it scale. It is actually very easy to use and I got some great lines out of it.

Both the Tigra and Black Canary below were done with this pen. I did use some smaller Micros (05 & 08) for some of the details like Tigra's stripes.

I went in with color pencils and color ink for an extra kick. Both were done on 11" x 17" B&R Pastel & Charcoal Paper. And both will join Supergirl on eBay tonight. :)


Gary M. Peiffer said...

Humans are complex! When we are "over busy", we wish had more time to do fun things. When we have a lot of time on our hands, we seem to go nuts. I am the same way!

Gene, at least you are making great use of your time sketching Charcoal beauties and experimenting. Not a bad use of down time.

You can do me a favor though. If it is warm where you are at, run out to the beach and relax. I am freezing up here in the North East!



Craig Zablo said...

Sorry you can't sleep, but at least the time isn't wasted! Very nice work.

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Was checking the artwork out again. I really like the blue hue around Black Canary. Also like her "leaning" back into a window of sorts. Interesting and attractive!


LUD! said...

I'll have to check that pen out! Especially if it's got the Gene seal of approval!

More stuff for auction? WHY oh WHY must I be so poor?!

Brian Jones said...

Sooooo nice! Hope you catch a few ZZZZZ'S but when your churning stuff like this out :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Gary, You are so right about people. It was 72° down here today. I suppose I could have gone to the beach for some r&r. Maybe tomorrow. :) Thanks!

Thanks Craig. Idle hands and all that. ;)

I think you will like the pen LUD. I think I am able to create thinner lines with the big brush pen than I can with the normal brush pen. And the thin to thick line, wow, no comparison. Pick one up today!

Thanks Brian.

Royce Thrower said...

Most excellent pieces, and although I am not an artist, using a good pencil (to do math for example) or pen in your case is a small joy that is hard to describe but it does provide a little enjoyment that adds a lot to our days. Lesson, stop and smell the roses and enjoy those simple little pleasures in life. Glad yu have some down time and hope the insomnia and worries subside. I agree with Gary, dig your toes into some warm sand this weekend and take a nap!

Gene Gonzales said...

You are absolutely right Royce. There are all kinds of small joys in life like that. New bag of coffee beans, being first to open the new jar of peanut butter, new sketchbook, finding new and fun tools to work with, etc.

Got a good nights sleep last night. Another joy. :) Thanks!

John Beatty said...

WOW! I have to get some of those BIG PITT brushes!!! I usually order a couple of boxes and didn't know they were making one like this!

I'll have to check out DickBlick now and get some. Looks like a good one to put down some "power" lines with! :) Yahoo! Good find, and thx for sharing!