Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Cutie

Just a little Super Bowl cutie from the sketchbook today. The Super Bowl is right across the bay from us and we have been experiencing some of the crowds and excitement. It's kinda funny to see local places hosting national TV shows.

On Wednesday, my wife let me know that someone at her office had a pair of tickets to the game. They cost $5700 for the pair. She was letting me know in case I knew anyone who wanted to buy a couple of tickets. It was in section 143, row M 13 & 14. If you click on this link for Raymond James Stadium and click on section 143, you can see a photo of the view. Sorry for not mentioning it sooner for those here that might have been interested. ;)

Today the paper stated that private jet reservations are down. Over at Tampa International they have closed a secondary runway to use as a parking lot for the 300+ private jets there. That number is down from the 430 here for the 2001 Super Bowl. St. Pete/Clearwater has over 200. Down by 50. Tampa Executive has 40-50 parked there. So including the other surrounding airports, there are about 750 private jets here. Down more than 1,250 from 2001. I guess the economic woes are hitting the jet setters too.

Go Steelers!


Gary M. Peiffer said...

Hi Gene,

Thanks for posting early today, now we all can focus on the Super Bowl festivities for the rest of the day!

Yes, too many troubling signs all around concerning the economy. But I am convinced that if we keep our noses to the grindstone and work hard, things will work out.

Yes, the Super Bowl cutie is great. Maybe you will have to do a follow up Steeler cutie doing a victory dance for tomorrow's sketch. And make sure you put your signature in a football motif!

Enjoy the game!


LUD! said...

Y'know, she should have a #7 on her jersey (for Big Ben, of course), but I'm just being nitpickey! :-)

Go Steelers!

Lud Hughes
"Nitpickey Lad"

Royce Thrower said...

Hey Lud, if you squint a bit, the serif on the one can make it "look" sorta like a 7!

But in my opinion, she is a "Ten."

Go Steelers!! That Pesky Budd Root is a Kurt Warner fan and is watching the game at my house tonight. So, if no one hears from me after today, tip off the authorities. If no one hears from Budd, well, ix-nay on the ip-tay.

Enjoy the game!!
Let the fireworks begin!!

Brian Jones said...

She looks great and I bet she's wearing black & gold! Victory dance is a great idea...
Should be a great game and Royce let Budd know we still love him in Da Burg...but that Steeler "D" is going to have no love for Mr Warner! :)

Enjoy the game everyone!