Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a little rough around the edges

Sketch, sketch, sketch. Here are some various roughs from my sketchbook that I have digitally put on one page. I am working on a specific idea here and trying to nail down the style and body type for the character(s). So doodling over and over is the best way to find what I am looking for.

One of the battles I have with myself about my artwork is about style. I personally don't see a specific style even though others have said they can pick my artwork out easily. I also bounce around between the idea of doing simple or complex. Realistic or cartoony. I think it's because I have such a wide interest in other styles I get caught up in it. I also attribute this issue to my work in the higher education textbook field.

When I first started doing that work, back in 1992, so much of the old art was being redone as digital files for newer editions. If only the printed art was available, not the original, I would have to recreate the previous artists style. That continued as editors liked a specific style and would send samples of what they wanted. I would then mimic the art for an entire book. Doing that for a dozen plus years has pulled me in a lot of directions.

Over all I think it is a positive. My tastes in art run pretty wide, and even when I don't particularly like an artist or their style, I can appreciate the effort and vision. I don't think I have ever thought someone's work just sucked, for lack of a better term. Well, maybe that one artist. You know the one. ;)

If anyone is going to be at MegaCon tomorrow, I will wondering around too. See if you can spot me. It will be a "Where's Gene" kind of thing. :) Have a good weekend everyone!


LUD! said...

Rule of thumb, Gene--the only person who doesn't see a style IS the artist. True fact!

Have fun at Megacon!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


That is an interesting statement that you make! I do think Gene has his own distinctive style and demonstrates the style across a range of "realism" and "cartoony".

Gene, have fun a Megacon! Hope you hook up with some old friends and make a few sales along the way.

Oh yeah, I love the roughs! Looks like you have a flying fairy/Tinkerbell character in mind?


Royce Thrower said...

Looks more like an angel vs devil girl theme to me! That ought to be cool! I also see a style with Gene's work. My untrained eye canusually place the artist based on the faces they draw. An I love the faces on Gene's girls. (The art, the art!!)

Brian Jones said...

I agree with the others. You know how to mix it up depending on what your doing at the time,but you have a great style that always shines through. Have a good time at the show, hope you make a few sales and pick up some cool swag.