Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sketchbook Wednesday - Challengers of the Unknown

Sorry for the short posts lately. It's been a bit busy around here. Not just work, but family stuff and holiday related activities have been taking up more time than normal.

Today I decided to do a sketch of one of my favorite teams. Not the Legion this time, but the Challengers of the Unknown. I was first introduced to them when they were in the pages of DC Comics title SUPER-TEAM FAMILY. James Sherman on pencils and Jack Abel on inks. I'm a big Jim Sherman fan and it was his work that drew me in. I really like the concept of this team: All four were should have died in a plane crash but came out unharmed. All of their wrist watches had stopped at the time of the crash. The summed their lives up as living on borrowed time and proceeded to live life to the fullest. All four were in the top tier of their professions already and now they banded together. Fun stuff. Check out the SHOWCASE PRESENTS: THE CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN for some of their early stories and background.

Side note, I own several original pages from that SUPER-TEAM FAMILY run. Maybe one day I will get some more. :)

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Shane said...

The Challengers always interested me but I have never read any of it. Maybe I will give it a shot one of these snowy afternoons!

As much as we always rave about your amazing renderings of Super Heroines, your male subjects are just as great! They have such a solid, classic-heroic feel to them that I really like. That's why I had you do that Speedy for me!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Thanks for the history lesson on the Challengers. Wasn't there a female member? Maybe she came later on and was not in the crash.

I find it interesting that you collect original art from your favorites. Roughly, how many original pieces (that are not yours) of other artist do you have?

Don't get to overly busy!


Gene Gonzales said...

Shane - Some of the early Challs stories are pretty simple but fun. For some reason it's the main concept that I have always liked. Thanks!

Gary, June was the female team member but she came later. She wasn't in the initial crash. I do collect artwork that has some kind of meaning to me or that I find interesting and enjoy. I don't know how many pieces I have. I should count them. But the range from a George Papp Superboy page, an Art Saaf romance page (both twice up) Legion pages by Chris Sprouse and one by Jason Pearson. Two Curt Swan Superman pages, a couple of Bob Brown Superboy splash pages, Joe Phillips Timber Wolf pages, Jim Sherman Challs pages, Mike Lark Superman page, Win Mortimer Lori Lamaris splash and Lee Moder double page splash from Stars and Stripe. That is just a few I can see in my studio right now. :)