Saturday, November 22, 2008

Space Ghost! - Progress

Today I finally got around to getting the Space Ghost line art onto the illustration board. In order to transfer the pencil drawing I did, I printed out a small copy of it at about 4" x 6". That is the size my Artograph opaque projector, pictured above, can handle. I projected the image onto a piece of 15" x 20" Heavy Weight Crescent Cold Press Illustration Board. Then proceed to trace my line art onto the board with a H pencil lead.
And here is a digital picture of the board after the transfer. I also put one inch painters tape all the way around in order to give the final piece a nice clean edge. Background painting tomorrow.


Royce Thrower said...

Gene, thanks for the "look" into your worspace. It is always neat to see various artists' studio pics. Where are the splash pages from? Is that a Bob Brown Superboy page on the left?

Looking forward to the progress reports on the painting!

Gene Gonzales said...

Hi Royce, yep there are two Bob Brown splash pages on the wall in that picture. One is from issue 187 and the other from 152. I also have a George Papp page from issue #86. Big fan of Superboy. :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Your work area looks fairly neat and tidy. Guess this is another secret to your success!

Neat trick concerning the use of painters tape to keep the border clean!


Gene Gonzales said...

You didn't see the other side of my studio Gary. :)

Brian Jones said...

Very cool hope you show us more of your studio as well...Who else and what else is hanging on your walls? Sorry to be so nosey... :)