Friday, June 27, 2008

Whiteboard Jungle

I forgot to share these pictures. These are boards from earlier this week. It was a full day of 3 year strategic planning and 1 year action plans. Another hard working group that made a breakthrough in planning their future thanks to the Labs. The group left with a very positive attitude about the process and what they took with them. A good day if there ever was one.

Cute girl tomorrow. :)


ExpandForFree said...

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Gary M. Peiffer said...


I wish that my company would use you and your visual approach to mapping out strategic planning. All to often, we get an "eye chart" with buzz words that no one can decipher! Pictures say a million words! I am glad that you have a passion for this type of work also!


Gene Gonzales said...

Hi Gary - The Collaborative Labs does do this on the road and have taken me with them. So it's not out of the question at this end. :) I did a three day event in Washington DC last October for over 600 participants of JOB CORPS and the US Department of Labor. And they want us back this year. I know the Labs has done events all over Florida, Las Vegas and Arizona. So it is a traveling show. :) Thank you for the kind words too!