Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tiki Room revisited

My free time (before 7:30am and my lunch break) were spent working on the mural for Deena's Tiki Room. Here is the progress on the second corner of the room. Some of you might recognized the two tikis from one of my island girl pin-ups. My wife like them so up on the wall they go. The lunch break was spent inking the scooter girl from a couple of days ago, but she's not finished yet. Today was a full day of putting a few projects to bed. Both were logo designs for two separate business. While the rest of the day was spent on THE BIG JOB. Still working up styles and designs. But with a presentation fast approaching, things are getting busy.

In somewhat depressing news, I realized that I would be at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina about right now if not for my work load. HeroesCon starts tomorrow. I been going to HeroesCon since 1994. Only missed a couple of years, unfortunately this year is one of them. It's a great show with some great people who attend. I'm really going to miss seeing everyone. Sigh.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


The Tiki Room looks great so far! Can't wait until you invite Royce and myself over to see it in person :-).

Yeah, I miss seeing you and buying your artwork at the conventions. Ever consider doing Baltimore again?

The BIG JOB, hmmmm??


Royce Thrower said...

We definitely will miss not seeing you this year Gene. Good show anyway, just would be a bit better with you there! I will stop by and get Diary from Wil though, so I will get my fix that way.

Tiki room is looking GREAT!