Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emerald Empress - Rough

Legion of Super-Heroes © DC Comics

Just an idea I did in my sketchbook today. I did the quick logo and text in Photoshop. In case it's unclear, those would be the Legionnaires hanging upside down on each side of the Emerald Empress. An inspection of the guard, as it were.

I did a few modifications to the outfit she has worn in the past. I think of the cloak being heavier, less cape-like, more regal. And she has a semi sheer full length skirt. It's not an outfit for fighting, but then I never thought the Empress should do any physical fighting. Not with the Emerald Eye of Ekron at her side. And I thought she would treat the Eye like a loving pet or servant. It would always be within arms reach not floating around above her head like it is usually shown. Most of the time she would be touching it in some fashion. Just some thoughts. Maybe I will get around to doing a finished piece with all the logos and text in place.

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Dene said...

Gene-! You are spoiling me rotten with alla your Legion characters-!!!!

I promise that once I am settled inna new, non-abusive, less hostile work environment (don't ask), I am commissioning you BIG TIME on a Legion piece-!!!!!

Gene Gonzales said...

I'm glad you are enjoying these Dene. More to come!

Little John said...

Love all the Legion pieces!

LUD! said...

Why must you vex me so?!

You MUST complete this-- not for me; but for mankind... ;-)


Gary M. Peiffer said...

I like the logo, makes the piece look like a real cover.