Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phantom Girl - Legion of Super-Heroes

I like this costume. I really do. One of the earliest Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes I ever bought was issue 203. In that issue Invisible Kid dies. Phantom Girl was in quite a bit of that story and I really liked her hair, the costume, and her personality. And she has her hair in pony tails! C'mon! :)

This is ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board. I will be putting up this one, Wildfire, and Duo Damsel on eBay tonight for anyone interested.

To everyone at the Baltimore Comic Con, have a safe trip home. I hope everyone had a good time!

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Patman said...

I can remember buying LSH #203 way back when as well. Really dug the Mike Grell stuff as well.

Royce Thrower said...

Yeah, that was a great run for Superboy when the Legion joined his series. I also liked the costume that PG sported, especially the pinytails and the bell bottoms. Need to dig those issues out and take a trip down memory lane.

Gene Gonzales said...

Patman - That was Grell's first issue at pencils and inks too. The funny part for me back then was recognizing all the Neal Adams swipes he used. A lot were from the Green Lantern/Green Arrow run that Adams did.

Royce - I've had to look at the run of Legion Archives to check costume details. And then I start reading them again. ;)

Shane said...

This is a really cool piece! Shows the character and cool costume. Also is actiony with out being action packed.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

Tinya is probably my fav' Legion lady. Nice, fun piece, Gene!

If you do Lyle next you'll have done the entire Legion Espionage Squad, another great Legion concept

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Shane!

Thanks Vincent, I didn't think of that. I will have to make sure I do Invisible Kid soon. He is not the next Legionnaire though. I went with another female character. :)

Anonymous said...

Defintely my favorite version of Tinya, Gene.

But then, I think you knew that. :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Wow, the very best of the recent Legion run of work Gene!

And thanks, all home safe and sound from Baltimore. In spite of irrate Baltimore Ravens fans!


Unknown said...

Wow, S&LSH #203 was my very first issue as well! I was totally blown away that a hero was killed, that just didn't happen back in those days. Great illo, Gene - I loved that outfit too!

Anonymous said...

Gene, do you do any nude legionnaire females? Would love to see some sexy shots. I've been a longtime Legion fan since the Grell/Levitz days, and went back and built a complete (virtually) Legion collection.

Boston, MA

Gene Gonzales said...

Ray - Nope, sorry, no nude Legionnaires. Nice to met another Legion fan. I completed my entire Legion collection years ago. Starting with Adventure 247 and including every cameo they did. :) But I have since sold off my entire comic collection. I am grateful for all the Legion Archives and Showcase Presents. Thanks for stopping by.