Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illustrator Brushes Exercise

The project I am currently working on has me digitally inking in Adobe Illustrator. Normally I use Photoshop for that so I am learning some new tricks. I did this little pin-up girl in order to practice with some custom brushes that were given to me to help with the project.

The top left drawing was done in my sketchbook with blue Col-Erase pencil and Pitt brush markers. I scanned it and placed it in Illustrator. From there I used the brushes that were supplied to me. They mimic a thin to thick to thin brush stroke. They are really quite handy. The colors were added by creating a shape and filling with color. Nothing terribly exciting but fun nonetheless. :)

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Gary M. Peiffer said...

So, the brushes that were supplied to you are digital brushes that work with the Illustrator program?

Nice subject to experiment on! Keep going!


LUD! said...

I practically do everything in Illustrator! In fact, any art projects I use Photoshop for are just either cleaning up any scan work I do, or finishing up something I just did in Illustrator!

Good luck, Gene! Can't wait to see the final piece (if your client lets us!)...

Royce Thrower said...

The technique does look interesting Gene. Looking forward to hearing more about the process!

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - In a lot of art programs you can make your own custom brushes. I've made quite a few in Photoshop but not in Illustrator. Never had a need to until now. So it was great that these were supplied to me. :)

LUD! - I go back and forth between the two programs. Most if not all the higher education books I have worked on were done in Illustrator. Both programs have advantages and disadvantages, but it is interesting how much closer together they have become over the years.

Royce - Thanks. What I did here was nothing like what I am working on. I was just playing here. The best way to really learn something like this is to play and get a feel for it. The process I am working on is more traditional comic style. I will share more about it soon. I hope. :)