Monday, October 5, 2009

Duo Damsel - Legion of Super-Heroes

I bet I know something about today's featured Legionnaire that no one else knows. :)
But first, today's Legionnaire is Duo Damsel. Now I'm sure the Legion fans here know that her real name is Luornu Durgo. And that she originally had the power like all those from her planet, to split into three bodies. And that one of her bodies was destroyed by Computo, making her code name changed from Triplicate Girl to Duo Damsel. And that she married Chuck Taine, aka, Bouncing Boy. And that Dave Cockrum redesigned her costume to be an important part of the story where it first appeared. Yes, there are dozens of details about her that I'm sure we all know that come from the time period long past the Cockrum/Grell period of the Legion. But I know one thing more:
Today is her birthday. At least according to the 1976 SUPER DC CALENDAR that hangs in my studio. :)

The top image is ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board. The bottom is colored in Photoshop.

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* Correction added 01/15/2011: Duo Damsel's costume was designed by Legion fan Nick Pascale.


Royce Thrower said...

You had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the reveal Gene! Happy Birthday Luornu!! And thank YOU Gene. It seems that WE are the ones to get the "present" of seeing this great pin-up. The fact that it also happens to be of a Legionnaire is simply "icing on the cake!" Hope you like this series you have going....cuz WE sure do!!

LUD! said...

Sweet work as always, Gene! Love that she's posing on her hubby!

I give major kudos for my love of Ms. Durgo-Taine to Jim Shooter, who really took the effort to give most of the Legionnaires personalities (while Curt Swan gave them individual features). I loved that Luornu had a major crush on the Boy of Steel, even though she knew there was no chance of a real relationship (since he was from the past-- history and all that...).

BTW, this is a Cockrum costume design that WASN'T designed by Dave-- this was a letter fan design that ended up being used for a specific story, which Duo Damsel needed a special costume to halt a planetary war based on one side constantly bathed in darkness, while the other constantly in daylight. Dave jazzed up the design with the cape, belt and funky go-go boots!

Gene Gonzales said...

Royce - I'm glad you are enjoying these. I am too!

LUD! - You are right sir. I believe they actually published the fan design with some others that were actually used as least once. Adventure Comics 403, perhaps? Thanks for the additional info!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

So, if today is triplicate...Duo Damsel's birthday, how old would she be?

Nice pose for the lady!


Anonymous said...

My personal frustration about Luornu: I like her better as Triplicate Girl than as Duo Damsel -- 50% more Luornu! -- but Duo Damsel got all of the cool costumes.

Her Triplicate Girl costumes are invariably boring, or ugly, or both.

I wonder why that is.

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - Actually she isn't born yet. She will be born in late in the 30th century. We are celebrating early. :) Thanks!

Michael - I too liked Triplicate Girl more. Mostly because of that two part Mordru story. We really got to see her personality. I love that story. I have no idea why her costume was so bland: A dress with a cape. That's it. Too bad.

Nick said...

Dear Gene,
Duo Damsel's revamped costume was not designed by Dave Cockrum, in fact he in several interviews made sure to give the costume's designer credit, since he did not see it listed in the comic. The designer? Well that's me Nicholas "Nick" Pascale. Just go to Adventure Comics Annual #403 turn to the special feature: FASHIONS from FANS and you will see mine is the first one. It later appeared in the oft spoke about story in Superboy #193, The War Between the Nights and the Days! Plotted again by me!

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Nick, You contacted me about this back in 2011 and if you look at the bottom of the post I did add a correction giving you credit back in 2011. Thanks!