Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chameleon Boy, Proty II & uh,...Captain America?

This was a fun one, folks. Jordan asked me if I was interested in doing a commission with Chameleon Boy (Legion of Super-Heroes), any version of him I wanted to draw, changing into any hero, villain or anything I want.

So I decided on the classic Chameleon Boy, with his pet Proty II, changing into Captain America. Proty II was added so "Cap" would have a shield to throw. And I left Cham's antennae in place of Cap's "wings" on his head. :) Great fun!

Below is the initial sketch I did in my sketchbook, it is only 3.5" x 3". Pretty small. The final art is ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board. Thanks again Jordan!

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Craig Zablo said...

That's a really fun piece. Cool idea to keep the antenna!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Really excellent ink job on the finished piece! And Captain America with antennae has to be a first!

Baltimore Con was great. Only problem today was the Baltimore Marathon that made getting anywhere near the Convention Center if you were driving in Saturday morning a major headache. Tomorrow the Ravens are playing and the game should end around the time the Con ends. Sigh!

Budd Root asked me to pass on a "hello" to you and said that you should have come to the Con. First time that I met Kevin Alsop, was great to put a name with a face.

I could not find any of the DC Management for the Gene Gonzales Legion pitch :-(. I think the Image guys are looking for an artist for a book about Lemmings though....:-)


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Craig!

Gary - Sounds like it's always hard to get around in Baltimore. Good luck and be safe. Say "HI" to Budd from me. I still haven't met Kevin yet. Nice to know he is at the show. If that show ever goes to a three-day, I will be there! And again with the lemmings? I worry about you. ;)

Royce Thrower said...

As I mentioned in your poll about favorite Legionnaires, Cham and Braniac 5 are my two faves. I am so happy that both have been featured this week! This ALMOST makes up for me missing the Baltimore Con. Still waiting to go to my first one. Hope Gary had fun and that the trouble getting there and leaving will be worth it in the end. Hey Gary, start working on that lemming Halloween costume. Don't wait 'til the last minute now!