Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Monday - RA'S AL GHUL commission

Welcome to my first attempt at adding video to my blog. Please bear with me as I work out the kinks and smooth out the rough edges. I will be purchasing a webcam very soon, but I was anxious to try this. So I used our Canon G9 Camera, set it on 720p, put it on a tripod and put the tripod on a table behind me. I aimed the camera and hoped for the best. Of course my big head kept getting in the way. Also with the fan off, windows closed (loud birds outside on my test runs) , two computers and two monitors running it got hot. I had no idea the file would take so long to upload either. I divided the segment into roughly two 10 minute pieces. The first part is here and the second part is still uploading. But I believe you will find it here.

The piece I am working on is a commission for Brian "Batmite" Jones. Brian, I hope you don't mind your commission being used for this first video.

I don't know how the next video will be worked out, I am looking at several things right now. One being Ustream, the one Big John Beatty uses and uses well. But I will need a webcam for that. Until I get one, I will continue to experiment. I hope you enjoy this, rough edges and all. :)

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Royce Thrower said...

Cool... VERY cool!

John said...

Kool, Gene. Yeah, I can see the sweat on your forehead.

That's funny because when I do my Ustream and have Craig over, we're in my small studio together, all the computer equipment DOES put out more heat than you would think!!! And the heat from the human body adds to it also. I turn the AC way down and it helps...

When I take a break to step "outside" it seems like the house is freezing!!!

I get a small fan under the drawing table to keep me a bit's quiet, so it does help.

You need a forehead wiper! :)

Nice layout on the drawing...should look great finished.

Brian Jones said...

Ra's layout looks killer and I'm honored that the first Gonzo-broadcast is one of my pieces :)Hope you post somemore and promise no puns about the "Death's Head" and Gene's sweaty forehead ;)
Thanks Gene!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce!

John - After four test runs for settings and focus, I finally started shooting. By then almost an hour had gone by and it was a bit warm. :) I have a fan I can use, good idea. Had to turn the ceiling fan off because of the noise right next to the camera. I've always said Craig is a big help and adds to the fun of your artcasts, I think Deena will be stepping in here when I get to that point. Maybe she will mop my brow. :) Thanks!

Brian - Thanks! And thanks for skipping the joke. Shouldn't make fun of the artist who put some sweat equity into your commissions! I work hard for you! ;)

Brian Jones said...

Hey if your not sweating your not working, got it ;) Thanks again Gene... Stay cool my friend!

Patman said...

Gene, when you get a chance, can you do a video on how you transfer your initial sketches over to the final bristol board? As Freddie Prinze would say, "Loooooooking good!"

Gary M. Peiffer said...


This is a great first video. We need to fix the AC problem though, can't have you suffering while you are creating!


MY Cars said...

hi gene,

first time posting. your blogs are amazing and i just wanted to thank you for it. i am learning so much from them and now with the videos i hope to learn more. i love your work and i am inspired by them. thanks for taking the time to share more with us!
charlie :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Brian! :)

Patman - My transfer was just using the light table built into my drawing table. Using the enlarged print out I showed. But I will try to show more. I hope to make the video thing a weekly post. Glad you liked it.

Gary - A/C works, I just didn't realized how warm it was until I stopped moving. I talked to a friend and he said he wouldn't have minded the ambient sounds. Birds chirping, dogs barking, etc. Said it would add to the feeling of being here in Florida in my studio. :)

Charlie - Welcome to posting here. I'm glad you have enjoyed the blog and decided to post a comment. I am always open to questions here about my process so if you see something that you would like me to expand on, please let me know. Thanks for joining the conversation! :)

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