Thursday, July 24, 2008

SUPERGIRL in hot pants!

My favorite version of Supergirl is todays post. Though I started looking at comics at a pretty young age, I usually think of 1970 as the time I really started reading them. It was around this time that I found Adventure Comics featuring Supergirl. Solo stories of the "Maid of Might". (I didn't make that up).
At that time Supergirl would have a different costume every month. Mike Sekowsky was writing and drawing the book, maybe editing it too, I don't know. Mike always had an eye for hip fashion of the day and he brought that to Supergirl. Other designs were submitted by readers. Some were good, some, not so much.
The costume pictured here is the one most people remember. I don't know who designed it, but it was first drawn by Bob Oksner in Adventure Comics #410. They still experimented with different costumes for a few more issues, but they came back to this one. How could any fanboy complain about the hot pants costume? Topping the deal was Oksner being able to draw the cutest girls in comics. His Supergirl flew with a grace that hadn't been seen before or since. Art Saaf, the other artist sharing drawing duties on Supergirl, was also known for drawing cute females with impossibly long legs. It was a good time to be a Supergirl fan. :)
This was done in ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board for our own Royce Thrower. Thanks again Royce!


LUD! said...

Not just Supergirl in the hot pants, but the hot pants and the moccasins! Gene, you dawg!

Lud Hughes

Gene Gonzales said...

Welcome Lud. Glad you like her. For a short time she had the lace up ballet slippers, but I prefer the moccasins too. Woof!

Royce Thrower said...

Gene and I must be about the same age because I can identify with most every point he made today.I was old enough to "almost" enter the costume contest DC ran for Supergril fans. Don't remember why I didn't, but I remember giving some thought to a design. Many of the attempted costumes in this time period for Kara had quite a bit of fabric and looked rather clunky to me. This one was by far the best and sometimes the simple designs are the best. The hotpants didn't hurt this costume's chances with most guys my age... :)

Gene, a perfectly executed spectacular rendition! THANKS!!

Brian Jones said...

Yeah as someone in their 40's I remember variations of this outfit.
This is one of my favorites so far, great pose and just fun to look at. Gene your intro to this piece was great and got me wondering do you collect other artist's artwork? If so any chance we can get a peak at your stash?

Gary M. Peiffer said...


I am too young to remember the Super Girl Hot Pants costume :-). Seriously, I did not know that Supergirl had gone through a "Jane Van Dyne" phase of changing costumes. Reader submissions for new SG costumes must have been a blast. Archie still takes reader submissions for Betty and Veronica outfits (although I believe hot pants and mocaasins are off limits!).


Anj said...

Very nice.

I have most of those Adventure Comics issues and some of the costumes were hideous.

This one has a little more staying power.

I have to say that I liked the variation of this costume when the shorts were not beaded and she wore boots, not slippers. MOre like from her solo run, or The Daring New Adventures.

Still, this is an absolute wonderful rendition, she looks so cute and fun!

Talking all things Supergirl at

SwanShadow said...

Great minds think alike... this is also my favorite of Kara's costumes. It's perfectly suited (no pun intended) to Supergirl's personality -- at least, the way she was being written in the '70s, before everything got dark and grim.

Love the design of this piece, Gene. Exuberant, youthful, and spunky -- that's the Kara I remember.

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Brian. To answer your question, I do collect other artists work. And I have gotten rid of some. One particular sale I wish I could have back: I had splash pages for Supergirl #1, #3, #4 and #10 of the 1972 series.. As well as a splash for one of the Adventure Comics Supergirl stories in her original outfit. Breaks my heart that I got rid of them. Maybe one day I will be able to get them back. I still have some nice pages that I will put up on CAF sometime.

Gary, you missed fashion parade like no other. Though Janet has had more outfits than Kara.

Anj - As long as we skip the headband outfit I'm happy.

Thanks Swanshadow, this is the Kara I liked best too. She looked like she fit the times without being trendy. This costume isn't as dated as some before and even after.

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce - I'm 45, so my "Golden Age" of comics was around 1970. So many of the stories I read back then had a huge impact. Sounds like we were getting the same books at the same time. AND 7-11 DC Slurpee cups!

Royce Thrower said...

I remember those cups! Wish I still had a few of them but I used them so much that the Heroes disappeared/faded into the Phantom Zone... :)