Friday, July 25, 2008


I don't get many requests for Lois Lane-Kent, so that made this fun. It's tricky too. No identifying costume means you have to come up with something so she isn't just any brunette. And if you look in any of the monthly books, there is hardly a consistency in her looks from one artist to another. So, here is my interpretation. Though after the 1970s Supergirl yesterday, I was tempted to draw Lois with her short "bob" hairstyle with bell bottoms from the 1970s. ;) This one is number 11 of 20. We are still ahead of schedule. As always, this is done in ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board. Thanks again to Royce for this commission!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Yet another winner! The pose is great and the details help to support that this is Lois. I like the Daily Planet sticker on the back of the computer monitor. Bet the picture in the picture frame is not Lex Luthor!


LUD! said...

There hasn't been an identifying look to Lois since the 1950's and the pillbox hat. Oh, how I miss Kurt Schaffenberger! Great job, Gene!

Lud Hughes

Royce Thrower said...

Excellent rendition Gene! Spot on with the modern version that I have rolling around in the back of my mind. Your Secretary's Day tribute a while back got me thinking about this Lois request and you sure didn't disappoint. Many artists shy away from doing Lois due to the same troubles you mentioned with identifying her visually. Most have to put a Superman towel or cape around her or some other Superman inspired clue for the viewer. I have always thought a simple press ID or Daily Planet reference is all that is needed. Yours works perfectly!

I agree with Lud, Kurt had the definitive Lois that most of us grew up with...all of us except that young whipper-snapper I also enjoyed Irv Novick's 70's version with a slightly longer "bob", Curt Swan's longer haired version and of course any Lois from Neal Adams' covers! Ah...the 70's were great!

The only version that has given me pause was Margot Kidder's portrayal. Don't think Lois ever smoked until the first Superman movie.

Sorry to see my requests come to an end but look forward to seeing the next nine that are waiting on deck!

Thanks again Gene.

Brian Jones said...

Great idea using her Daily Planet office to identify her. I would not have thought a Lois Lane would be one of my favorites so far but it is! Gene you do a fun and dare I say sexy Lois, that Clark is a lucky guy! Hats off to Royce for requesting her.

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - Thanks! I think you are right about the picture. No Lex there.

Lud! - I miss Kurt AND Curt. I need to do a Kurt Schaffenberger version of Lois and Lana. Hmmmm, catfight! :)

Royce - Glad you like her. You bring up the "S" towel or San Diego back in '95 maybe, I did a sketch for someone who asked for Lois getting out of the shower. Not much that I could do with identifying items here. So I had to go with the cape/towel approach. When I handed the artwork over, the guy loved the fact that I put Superman's cape in there as her towel. Right then the horns came out and I said "No man, that's SuperGIRLS cape". He LOVED that. ;) Never did care for Margot Kidder as Lois. My choice back then would have been Susan St. James. Think about that.

Thanks Brian, who would have thought Lois would be a popular one? I wonder how popular Lucy Lane would have been? :)

Brian Jones said...

Not sure but I bet you would do a killer airline stewardess! :)

Royce Thrower said...

Is my memory bad or did Susan St. James try for that role? Seems I remember that she read for it but I could be mistaken. She would have been fiesty enough for sure! Jaclyn Smith might have been able to pull it off as well. Always loved her face.

Gene Gonzales said...

Royce - I'm not sure about Susan St. James. But that could be why it stuck in my head all these years. I might have read it somewhere. I remember going to Passport Comics in North Hollywood and there was a newspaper article tacked to the wall announcing Kidder as Lois. That's how we learned of movies back then. No teasers years in advance on the internet. :)