Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today's post is the last of the BOMBSHELLS. This is Sun Girl, another character I am not familiar with but definitely fun to draw. Thank again to Michael for all three of the Bombshell Girls! This was completed in ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board.

In other news: The shipping boxes arrived this morning! Artwork went out this afternoon and more tomorrow!


Royce Thrower said...

Hanging TEN... Kilo-tons!

Great dismount for the Bombshell series Gene. A great theme now has three more great pieces added to it!

Happy Humpday to all.

Brian Jones said...

Royce beat me to the surfing comment, but I gotta give it to you Gene each girl is posed differently. A lot of artist might have just had em straddling the bomb (Hey Now!) but you brought something different to each one. Great series!

SwanShadow said...

Just so everyone knows, I am positively ecstatic over the work Gene did on these three Bombshells! commissions. He found a fresh, unique approach to interpreting each character, while keeping each piece solidly within the theme.

At the risk of sounding clichéd, Gene... you're DA BOMB! :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Again, I like the details and thinking that Gene puts into these pieces (signature, little propellor on the front of the bomb). Great stuff!


Gene Gonzales said...

Royce - Thanks! They make a cool triptych if you put Sun Girl in the middle and the others on each side. At least that was my thought. :)

Brian - Straddling is good and all, but we do need variety. :) Thanks!

Michael - Thank you for the kind words, sir! I had a "blast" doing them. :)

Gary - Thanks. BTW, I see a couple of Josie's in your very near future. ;)