Monday, November 30, 2009

So you came to the 700th consecutive day of this blog...

And all you got was a quickly drawn Hulk. What a let down. :)

I really didn't have any plans for this milestone, especially with the 2 year anniversary coming up on January 1. So why such a quick sketch? It was done sometime this morning while I was eating lunch. Yes, lunch in the morning. My day started around 4am and just ended at 9:45pm. It was a full day of work for three clients and I got a lot accomplished. So while the day has been long, it was a good day. :)

I hope everyone survived CyberMonday! The horror! ;)

This is Post #772


Royce Thrower said...

Congrats Gene. Don't "dis" da' INCREDIBLE HULK! You will NOT like him when he is angry! But I kinda like him as the subject of day #700! What a streak and still it marches on! Wow! Now THAT'S Incredible! (Sounds like a plug for he old 70's - 80's tv series doesn't it?)

Brian Jones said...

Congrats Gene on your 700th incredible post! :)

John said...

700 and's to the NEXT 700!

Good run, Gene!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Wow, less than a year until the 1,000th post. Maybe that will make the Hulk happy (not).

I would hate to have the work schedule that you just experienced!


Craig Zablo said...

Congrats on 700 -- here's to the next 7,000!

And I have to tell ya, I dig the quickie sketches a lot!