Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I decided to do another Batman head shot but this time I finished it out with ink and markers on a sheet of 11" x 14" Canson 90lb drawing paper. I'm pretty pleased with it. :)

I came across something kind of funny the other day. This blogger makes a comparison between a Alan Scott Green Lantern story I worked on 15 years ago to the big Blackest Night event going on now. It's really strange to see that work show up out of the blue. Take a look if you dare :) Here's the link.

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Shane said...

Your sketchbook Batman and Robin was great! Your new Batman is awesome! Really super solid with definite influences from all the right people, but still yours!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Great use of the gray tones to yield a compelling Batman!

Do you shudder a bit looking at your artwork from way back when? Seems, in general, a lot of artist are not fond of their early work (but we art fans love it!).


Brian Jones said...

Great Batman Gene! I know you mentioned a couple other artists but I think it has a bit of a George Perez feel to him and that is always a good thing :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Shane!

Gary- Thanks. About the old work, not really Gary. I look back and find it interesting and see it for what it is: part of the ongoing process of learning. I generally think my latest is better, but I'm not embarrassed or cringe when I see the old stuff.

Brian - You are not the first to mention some Perez in my work. It's funny, I'm a big fan of George and his work but never thought of him as an influence. There must be something there for so many to mention though. Thanks! :)