Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Sketchbook Monday

Today's title is a twist on the song Prince wrote for the Bangles. It was a busy day today. I worked right up to the point where Deena and Dakota had to drag me away from the computer to go to another of Dakota's orchestra performances. And they rocked, by the way. So it is just some sketches I did at lunch for today's post. Working up some ideas for another Canson Cutie to do when I have time. Any suggestions for characters?

This is Post #758


LUD! said...

I'm going to suggest Phantom Lady-- I don't believe you've done her with your Canson stock...

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Funny, without seeing Lud's response, I was going to say Phantom Lady. Also, the second top figure to the right reminds me of the Dark Horse "Ghost" character.

Glad the concert went well. You are a good dad to attend these and support Dakota!


Royce said...

Phantom Lady is a very good choice, but there are a lot of Lady Legionnaires that could be used as well! :)

Wait Hawkgirl! The fact that she is a redhead has NOTHING to do with it! (yeah, right!)

Brian Jones said...

I think Hawkgirl would be a great choice as well......stay away from Ivy... at least for now ;)