Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sketchbook Wednesday

Just some roughs I did in my sketchbook. I think some of these would qualify as a finished convention sketch by some. Not for me though. :) There will be quite a few sketchbook days between now and next Thursday. I hope no one minds.


Lan Pitts said...

whoever asked for that Alan Scott is going to be pleased.

Gene Gonzales said...

There's actually three Alan Scotts on that page. I did finish one though. :) BTW, I hope you are feeling better.

Lan Pitts said...

Oh I know, I just didn't know if they were for the same person. For him being the Green Lantern with the LEAST green in his costume, for some reason I've always loved it and actually consider it my favorite.

and YES, thank you! Man, that was the worst! I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, my body makes up the time. Ugh, I was so behind on columns too. Luckily, I've made up for that with a comic review, and 2 columns on two sites. Huzzah for being prolific.

Royce Thrower said...

Nice work on the Alan Scotts Gene. It will be interesting to see which one was actually completed. I agree that you give more than the average artist with your con sketches. That is why we love you so much! LIKE! I mean LIKE!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

The Beast sketch reminds me of the George Perez run in the 70's! The pose captures the "bounce" and look. I am not into the current "lion" Beast.

Please continue to share your sketchbook gems!

Speaking of, do you have an anticipated date when your new sketchbook will be published and available? Hopefully in time for Pittsburgh Comic Con? Bet Stan will want a copy :-)


Gene Gonzales said...

Lan - I actually did an Alan Scott story for DC back in the early 90s. A favorite character of mine too. I was pretty happy when I found out I would be drawing some JSAers too. Then found out they were zombies. Ugh. Glad you are doing better.

Thanks Royce. I feel comfortable in my masculinity to accept your feelings. ;)

Thanks Gary. I was shooting for that time period of that character.

The sketchbooks are done. I have had them here since last Tuesday. I had posted it on Twitter, which shows up in the side bar of the blog. Here is a link: