Monday, June 29, 2009

Emma Frost vs Ms. Marvel - Process and Finish

This was a unique commission in which the final would look like a fight poster/flyer. That involves a lot of text. Something that I was very excited to do because I knew it would enhance the final art and help with the look we were going for. I have already posted the initial sketch and have shown much by way of figure and painting process so I thought I would show the lettering process.

Below I have printed out the text I designed for the art. I had scanned my finished pencils into Photoshop and sized it to the final board dimensions. This enabled me to put the text at the right size. No guessing needed. I place the print out over the area I wanted the text to be and then slide a sheet of graphite transfer paper between the printout and the board. Tape it down so it doesn't move, and then proceed to use a pen and a ruler to "draw" each letter. You can see in the photo where I am lifting the graphite paper and the printout, the text has been transfered. I did the top and then the bottom separately.
Now that everything is on the board I can start painting. I am not worried about paint going over the letters because the graphite will not lift up. In fact, the acrylic paint seals it to the board. I am working the figures and the background back and forth. There is an atomic explosion for the background but I am not using that as a dramatic light source. Instead I am going more for a graphic look, not a literal one. And atomic light source would wash it all out. :)
Each letter was either painted and/or inked. This was a long process but in the end I think it works. Adding the name of the person commissioning this piece as the promoter of this smack-down makes the art that much more personal.
The final art is mixed media on a 15" x 20" sheet of Cresent Hot Press Watercolor Board. Thanks to Ben for this fun and challenging commission!


Lan Pitts said...

bwahahahaha! Classic! That is some Macguyver-like skills, Gene.

erica said...

This is awesome, Gene! I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of similar request. Very cool, idea Ben!

Brian Jones said...

The brawl for it all! Great piece Gene and a wonderful idea incorporating Ben's name into the art. This is a fav :) Thanks for the ring side seats!

Craig Zablo said...

Very cool. Great idea and great execution!

Royce Thrower said...

As always, we LOVE seeing the
"DVD X-TRAS" behind the commissions you do Gene. This one is no exception! Congrats to Ben on a great idea and also to Gene for the execution. Great Great Piece guys!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Great choice of the classic Ms. Marvel costume. The colors really pop with this piece!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Lan! :)

Thanks Erica!

Thanks Brian, glad you enjoyed your "Seats". :)

Thanks Craig! BTW, I hope you and your wife had a wonderful 29th anniversary!

Thanks Royce. Did you find the "easter egg" on this extra? ;)

Thank you Gary. No lemmings were harmed in the production of this commission. :)

BMBG632 said...

Thanks to Gene, one of the very best illustrators on Earth and a true, professional gentleman! Anyone out there on the fence about getting a commission from this man, don't be: His work is obviously worth every penny, and you also get the bonus of a warm, friendly individual to shoot ideas back-and-forth with.

Thanks to everyone else that enjoyed the idea! I have another waiting in the wings that Gene and I have discussed, so look for that!