Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gonzo Art Studio is LIVE

I have a new site I want to announce: GonzoArtStudio

Over a year and a half ago I moved most, if not all my pin-up art off of my site at The reason, I was picking up quite a few new clients and I felt I should separate the comics/pin-ups from the business illustration. No one ever complained but there were comments about my "sexy drawings" in meetings that I would rather not have been discussing right then. So that is how this blog came about. A place to put the "sexy drawings" and comic related work until I could get an additional site ready. It took a long time. I bought the domain last year and was trying to figure out what software to build the site in since GoLive (the only program I knew) was now gone. And since I had no desire to learn any coding (of which my daughter, the CSS and HTML expert gives me a hard time about) I needed a WYSIWYG type program.

Then came Square Space. A great company that no only has the tools for me to build my site quickly and easily but they also host it. I found them through many of the tech podcasts that I listen to. Basically every reviewer I trust had nothing but GREAT things to say about the service and tools. If you need to build a site, host a blog, etc. I recommend you try their free trial account. No credit cards or obligation.

At GonzoArtStudio you will find my pin-up and comic work. None of that silly business stuff. It's pretty bare bones (no pun intended) right now but I will be adding more artwork over the next few weeks. This blog will continue as it always has but I will be moving the entire thing, archives and all, over to the new site soon.

I hope everyone checks out the site and enjoys their stay there.


Royce Thrower said...

This site really will be "One-Stop Shoppping" for the comic side of your career! Lots of luck with the site. When you say the blog will be hosted/archived there, will you also post to this blogsite as well? Or will the blog migrate exclusively to the new site? I think I am going to like it!! There simplly can't be too much Gonzo art on the net if you ask me!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


What Royce asked (will the blog migrate or not?). In either case, I will follow!


Craig Zablo said...

You are the Pied Piper, we will follow you. I really like the colors and feel of the new place!

Patman said...

As the late great Freddie Prinze used to say: "Looking gooooood!"

Lan Pitts said...

I really like the color scheme.

Gene Gonzales said...

When I move the blog it will be on my site only. There are so many advantages to it. Plus I don't have to worry about future common rights issues on a site like this.

I do appreciate that you all would follow me there. I was hoping I wouldn't be sitting alone to the sound of crickets. :)

I'm glad the color scheme works for you guys.

J Faraci said...

Nice new digs, Gene!

I've bookmarked squarespace in case I decide to relocate my website next year. They do seem to offer quite an array of services and plugins.

Brian Jones said...

Very cool, I'll be there!

Christopher Mills said...

Great idea!

I'll post a link in my blog(s)!