Monday, March 3, 2008

Island Girl 03 - Line Art

Here's another island girl I finished. This one is inked on 11"x17" bristol board. We are in the process of turning our backyard into a tropical oasis, so I'm having fun going out in the backyard to get ideas for the foliage for these pieces. For example, the tallest leaves in the background are from a Traveler Palm. Bird of Paradise on each side of the tiki and other various plants we have are represented here. Just picked up a couple of Elephant Ears, both green and black and a big Philodendron, so you can expect to see those in future Island Girl pin-ups. :)


Royce Thrower said...

Excellent one here Gene. I am a bit jealous of the weather you are no doubt having that lets you do landscaping this time of year. Post some photos when you get it finished! Oh, and now the Tiki is looking the right way! LOL

Gary M. Peiffer said...


If I keep checking out your blog, I am going to learn a lot about foliage. You are an artist and a botanist!

Drink in the coconut shell is a nice add! And there is Royce's crab!

Can't wait until your share Number 4 in the series!


Gene Gonzales said...

Royce - We have a nice start to our "jungle". I will post some picks by the end of summer. Everything is starting to bloom now and will really look nice by summer. Regarding the tiki and where it's looking, I was listening to you. :)

Gary - We do a lot of landscaping/gardening, so you just might pick some of it up. BTW even the flowers on her clothes are Plumerias. The same flowers used for Hawaiian leis. We have two of those plants and the blooms smell so good. We have three more to plant too. Glad you liked the pin-up. That crab just may show up in all the artwork now. I've named him "Royce". :)