Monday, March 31, 2008

Cover Process -SEVEN

Today I thought I would show the process of putting together a cover. This is not some new ground breaking process but it is a chance to see the steps. The series is SEVEN, Jim Shooter is the writer, Cynthia Martin is the interior colorist. The cover concept was created by Jim. He emailed me the drawing he did (top left). I did complete pencils and after Jim took a look at it he felt there were a few things to change. Thus, the revised pencils (top right). I think you can make out the differences. Once the revised art was approved, I inked it. No changes needed so I did a color comp to let Jim know where I was going with the colors. I think he had some suggestions to the background color being purple. The characters wear specific colors too. The color comp was approved and I went to the final colors. There were three or four revisions in the color stage. I'm not going to post them because each change was minor.  They came about mostly because it is hard to define a color by name. If you ask 10 people to show you the color "Purple", you just might get 10 different hues. We has some trouble with red, purple, orange, green, you get the idea. But in the end the cover was finished and I think it came out pretty sharp. Now I gotta finish the last few pages of inks.


Royce Thrower said...

Thanks for the insider's look at the process Gene. Love the finished product. Any timetable for when we can pick this up?

Craig Zablo said...

Again, what Royce said!