Friday, March 28, 2008

If I Only Had A Brain...

Okay, let the jokes and puns begin. Finished? Good.
Yes I know, this is not a very sexy post, but I am trying to show variety. With my work load what it is, it's hard to get time to do the fun and sexy stuff. Instead I'm sure I am boring all of you with the not-as-interesting-but-pays-really-well-stuff. I do find it interesting myself. Every project can have it's fun moments. And every project can have it dull hours. But I wouldn't change my career for a million dollars. Uh, okay, for a million dollars, I would. :) Which just made me think of this: Have you ever heard someone say that a million dollars isn't that much any more. That it can't buy what it used to. My feeling on that is, "Hey, give me the million dollars! I don't care what it used to be able to buy, I'm sure it will buy more than I can buy now with the money I have." After this post I don't think I can ever claim I have linear thoughts. Have a good weekend folks. :)


Royce Thrower said...

I enjoy seeing some of the "other" stuff Gene. I know most artists work from references, so by chance do you live near an unmonitored graveyard?

You know the old saying. "A billion here..a billion there..pretty soon you are talking about REAL money!" I actually think the INTEREST on a single million would just about replace my salary, so I agree....I will take it without a single complaint! :)

Have a great Weekend!

Gene Gonzales said...

Hi Royce, thanks, glad you enjoy the variety. No grave digging for me though. What I do get are various scans of the area I need to draw. Sometimes it's pictures of brains and sometimes it's scans. Some can be real interesting and some are just bleah!
I remember reading an Archie Comic as a kid and a joke from it stuck with me: One of the characters said they are working on their second million because the first one is the hardest. See you at the Millionaires Club! :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Funny, my wife and I were having a discussion on what it means to be a millionaire (prior to seeing your post). To me, a millionaire means a millions dollars cash in the bank account (maybe some invested). To her, a million can mean all of your assets (house, car, investments, cash, comic art collection, etc). In the latter case, I can see how people can say a million is not what it used to be, especially before the real estate crash!

Gene- I echo Royce's comment in that I love to see the other material. It gives me a true appreciation of your versitility as a creator and artist! So, bring on more brains, penguins, etc!