Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sketchbook Saturday & Announcements

Batman © DC Entertainment

So why the zombified Batman? Well, I am going to be doing sketch cards for two different series and I thought I would combine the subject matter into one image for my post. I will be doing 40 cards for DC COMICS NEW 52 trading card set and 20 cards for THE WALKING DEAD trading card set. Should be fun! When the time is right I will provide info for the artist proof cards, for those that might be interested. And after the set is released I will post all my images here.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter, look for an announcement from me on Monday about the guest strip I did for one of my favorite web comics. I wrote, drew and colored a two pager and I am excited to share it. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you should still be able to see the announcement in the Twitter feed on right side of this blog.

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Brian Jones said...

Congrats! Awesome news :)

Unknown said...

and it is AMAZING!! hehe