Friday, January 30, 2009

Supergirl & the Super Pets - Rough

Happy Friday!!!

This is an idea I am going to play with today. I sketched this out in my sketchbook during my morning coffee. Well, the first cup of my morning coffee. I actually hear the coffee maker beeping at me right now that the latest pot is ready. :) Supergirl, Streaky, and Krypto riding pieces of ice that have broken free of a "Comet". See how I worked in "Comet"? (Comet the Super-Horse). More with this tomorrow.


LUD! said...

Happy Friday to you Gene!

This looks like this will really be a cute one--looking forward to it!

Go Steelers!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Looks like a fun piece! However, I am quite perplexed with these super critters. How many were there?

Was there a super monkey? Monkeys are cool! :-)

I would not argue with Lud, go Steelers!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks LUD! And go Steelers! :)

Thanks Gary. The Super-Pets included Krypto (the super dog), Streaky (the super cat), Comet (the super horse), and Beppo (the super monkey). They were joined by the Legions Chameleon Boy's pet Proty (a protoplasmic sentient blob) to form the Legion of Super-Pets.

(Que the NBC music) THE MORE YOU KNOW! ;)

Brian Jones said...

Very cool, cant wait to see the finished piece.

Go Steelers...Bring that 6 pack home!

Royce Thrower said...

When I first looked at the pic, my first reaction was...where's Comet? Then I read your post. I now propose that a new Super Creature be added to the list... Gene Gonzales codenamed... Sneaky!

Any Supergirl drawing is welcomed, but this one is especially cute in concept. Looking forward to seeing this one play itself out! I remember well all those Super pet stories from the 60's. I remember that Proty died protecting the Legion and was subsequently replaced. Whatever happened to Proty II?

LUD! said...

Proty II became a diplomat. Turns out the United Planets decided that the blobs were more sentient than they originally thought, so they joined the UP.

Kid you not...

Also, only two of the Super Pets were true Kryptonians: Beppo and Krypto. Streaky is an Earth cat. Comet was a magical creature (horse, man, centaur???).

Gene Gonzales said...

Damn LUD! You beat me to it! Nice explanation! :)