Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Phantom Lady: Wet & Wild - Ink & Paint

Today I took time out to finish the inks and started painting. I am using Golden Fluid Acrylics in transparent layers. Working from light to dark in order to build up to the final color I want. No area is completed yet, everything is still a work in progress, but I think it is coming along nicely. This will be done by the weekend.

If anyone else would like a painted commission, just contact me through email with your request.

(And sorry for the digital photo here. I know it might look a little distorted. The paint was wet and I didn't want to take a chance putting it on the scanner.)


Brian Jones said...

Looks great and I like how you put your signiture in the puddle.

Royce Thrower said...

Looking great so far. I agree with Brian...the wet signature was inspired! I notice the painter's tape again...can't wait to see the background for this piece.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Ah, those transparent colors! Overall piece is progressing well.

Concerning the colors, how many layers do you add? What is the most layers?


Duedsml said...

But if you used the scanner with wet paint who knows what type of artistic breakthrough could have been discovered? (grin) It is great fun to watch the creative process!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Brian.

Royce - This one isn't going to have a background image, maybe just some subtle color. I also use the tape to give me a edge to pick up the board. Otherwise there could be fingerprints all over the edge. :) Thanks.

You know Gary, I have never counted. I just keep going until I have what I want. If I had to guess I have probably gone over the legs a half dozen times. Thanks!

Duedsml - True enough, some interesting things can happen but it might not turn out to be what the client expected. ;) Thanks for posting.

Patman said...

Gene, what scanner model are you using? I have a large-size scanner (for original art), but its color fidelity is very suspect. Nice job on Phantom Lady, enjoying the process.

Gene Gonzales said...

Pat, I use a Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner. It only does A4 (a little bigger than letter size). I have to scan my 11x17 pieces in two passes and stitch them together. The color is very accurate but it is a pain. The 15x20 Phantom Lady was scanned in four passes.

There aren't any affordable color scanners that scan tabloid size with accurate color it seems. And even fewer that work with Apples OSX. Some people have come up with hacks to make the cheap scanners like Mustek work, but the colors need so much tweaking that I would rather work with pieces I have to put together. I recently purchased a Brother all-in-one printer/scanner that scans tabloid size paper, but while it did nice enough on black and white, it wasn't so good on grayscale and worse with color. I returned it.

The Epson 10000XL Graphics Scanner is what I need but at 2,500.00, it will have to wait. And wait. And wait.

Patman said...

I think I have the crappy Mustek scanner (it's decent for black-n-white original art pieces, since it's easily to tweak the scans), but it is totally useless for color scans (far too much tweaking for so-so/decent results).

I have an ancient HP scanner (does 11"x14") that I got from over a decade ago, too bad it's got a SCSI interface. Don't even have it hooked up anymore to my old Windows 2000 PC.

Too bad affordable scanners are typically just letter-sized scanners.